Rocket Queen

IPA 6,9% alc.
More than just a worldwide hit by Guns N ‘Roses.

They tried to convince us that Rocket Queen could not succeed. That IPA and Slovenian hops will not become a winning combination. But IPA beer with domestic hops Aurora, Styrian Wolf and Stryian Fox is a drinking proof that Rocket Queen is not only a global hit of Guns’n’Roses, but also our special star. Fresh hop flavour is sweetened with fruit flavour, where taste of mango, papaya and peach stands out. To make the taste even more in- tense, we suggest that you listen to the song that gave the beer its name!

Best Buds

A story of two bros.
Let me tell you a story of two bros, which started on a family reunion, I suppose. After some beers and some splifs, all you could hear was chilled singing and smooth rifts. Hempy played his guitar and did his thing, while Hoppy finished his beer and continued to sing. The aromas of hemp and hops Aurora, Simcoe, Mosaic and Styrian Wolf combine nicely in the beer. Now spread the word to all the pubs, about this story of two BEST BUDS.

Dragon Slayer

Low alcohol and calories beer.

Hazy Session IPA – Brewed with ton/a lots of Styrian Dragon, this beer is true to its name. Peachy color with strong haze reminds you of a peach juice. Refreshing tangerine and light orange flavour goes perfectly together with light body and moderate carbonation. Although low in alcohol and calories, it has plenty of flavour and aroma. Citrusy taste will slay the dragon thirst, that has been haunting you all week. This lightweight will keep you worry free and fit all summer. You can easily have “One more” all day long!

Chilli Beer

IPA 6,9% alc.
Light beer with a slightly spicy note of chili.

In collaboration with Čili Frik, we present unpasteurised and unfiltered light beer with a spicy note of chili. The fresh hop aroma is sweetly combined with the fruity taste, which is dominated by mango, papaya and peach, and the spicy note of chili adds the finishing touch. A refreshing and delicious combination based on our hit Rocket Queen – IPA beer with Slovenian, domestic varieties, to which Čili Frik, with the permission (and under the watchful eye) of our brewing masters, added its spicy character.

Spicy level: 0.5 / 6

Mars Colony

PALE ALE 5,0% alc.
Once you hear the story, you will know everything.

Before we introduced this beer to the Earth, we did some beer tastings on Mars. The red colored beer potion, that we named Mars Colony, represents a Pale Ale and is extremely refreshing. Great news? You don’t have to go to the red planet (Mars) to get it because we imported this great beer to our home planet, which is … well, Green-Golden. You will have to check twice to realize how impressed were the Martians by our excellent combination of domestic hops Aurora, Styrian Wolf and Styrian Fox.

Povodni Mož

West Coast IPA 5,8% alc.
Awarded Slovenian beer of year 2017.

Povodni mož (The Water man) appears in Prešeren’s poetry as a handsome young man, seducing young women in Ljubljana, so we took his charm and put it in our West Coast IPA beer. The title “Slovenian beer of 2017” speaks for itself. In this American-Slovenian alliance we have put together domestic hops Aurora and American Centennial, Citra and Simcoe. The taste is a great combination of tropical and citrus fruits, so you will surely be persuaded by its freshness and juiciness.


NEIPA 6,0% alc.

Luxurious beer.

Your hand is slowly moving towards a shrub, full of forest fruits. You can already taste a pleasant refreshing flavor in your mouth, and when you finally reach for the fruits, you are surprised to see that what you hold is our beer NEIPA, that we named Cashmere. It is suitable for summer pampering or refreshing fun, as it is enriched with the smell and taste of summer fruits. Our luxuriant beer is a novelty in Europe, and because of its sweetness, it will satisfy all those who are not convinced by bitter beer.

Forbidden Fruit

Mango ALE
5,1% alc.
Allowed to those who understand what it means to enjoy life.

Our Forbidden Fruit will take you to Eden, not throw you out of it. It is meant to be enjoyed with friends, alone or with significant other in warm nights throughout the year. Tropical flavors are enhanced with hop varieties Styrian Wolf, Aurora and Mosaic. But the real star of this beer is a very special fruit – mango. If only Adam and Eve had THIS Forbidden Fruit!


PALE ALE 4,0% alc.
Pleasure without conscience.

After the first sip, Pale Ale Komb4jn reveals a refreshing grapefruit flavour that will instantly take you to the memory of hot summer days. Since it is brewed with a lower alcohol level (the number is hidden in the name), you can enjoy it all day long. Brewed with Pale Ale and wheat, the combination is even better with domestic hops Aurora and Styrian Dragon.

Hop Princess

Hoppy Lager
4,20% alc.
A princess who preserves tradition.

Hoppy lager Hop Princess was introduced to the world in honor of Hop festival, held in a town close to the microbrewery. In this lager, the traditional domestic hops Celeia, Aurora and Bobek are perfectly connected, which further emphasises the aroma of GGB’s light unfiltered beer. Due to a lower alcohol level, you can drink this delicious beer all day long!

Comet As You Are

West Coast IPA
6,0% alc.
A beer that won’t put any pressure on you.

In a song Comet as you are, Kurt Cobain is pointing at people under constant pressure because of the things we are supposed to do every day. In Nirvana’s name, we tell you to never surrender. Choose your flow in a pool where you will sometimes swim or sink. This beer will give you American wildlife, but it will perfectly and easily connects with Slovenian domestic hops Aurora and Styrian Wolf.. Bring that flavor of West Coast IPA to your life and don’t give up – wherever you go, be who you are.

Oil Warz

Imperial Stout
10,5% alc.
It magically convinces anyone who indulges in it.

Oil Warz is a mighty, rich and dark beer brewed with the best Belgian chocolate and Slovenian coffee. The black beauty blends notes of caramel, chocolate and beer. The name is a reminder of all the wars that are happening around the world because of oil. But Oil Warz is not hostile to his fans, on the contrary, he is ready to convince all of you with his taste. Extra magic and powers are provided by high alcohol level, which just takes you a little bit longer to realize how great Imperial Stout really is.


5,0% alc.
Homely, local and friendly atmosphere in a single beer.

If there is an inn called Gostilna Privošnik where two smiling and friendly family members called Franci are serving, then why shouldn’t they offer you a top-rated beer called Franci? Our brewers have created a lager that brings each one of you a homely, local and friendly atmosphere in a single beer. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Can it be yours? Of course. You can drink it at their place or at home. Franci lager will impress both traditional and modern drinkers, as it is fresh, light but also pleasantly hoped.



Pale Ale
5,5% alc.
Glamours bubbles and finest local ingredients.

“They have a really strong logistics,” is a sentence that every company wants to hear. Logist is named after the most famous activity of family Pišek and now they’ve earned another sentence as well: “You can taste that this is a really good beer.” Pale Ale consists of the finest local ingredients that promise an unforgettable experience. This beer is entirely Slovenian and will convince you with glamorous bubbles.