Tradition and local affiliation

Innovative, promising and high-quality microbrewery. This are the significant words that describe our young team of Green Gold Brewing from Savinja Valley in the heart of Slovenia. And if you ask us about our distinctive charac- teristic, we would definitely say that there is something about the place where we live, breath and work. Why so? Our hometown is one of the most significant Slovenian (and also European) hop regions – therefore we had no choice but to brew the best beer.

Luka breaks down brewery boundaries

When the ancestors of the Rojnik family planted first hops in the heart of Savinja Valley 120 years ago, the story of Green Gold Brewing began. This magnificent taste of home, represented by hops from the domestic environment, is the most important guide. Green Gold Brewery has a monthly capacity of 580 hectoliters and can be increased if needed. We have just recently upgraded out production with Leibinger’s filling machine, which is represented as one of the most advanced in the region. Its most outstanding characteristics are high filling speed of 1800 cans/hour and low oxygen content in our products. This allows our beer to have a longer can life and despite the fact that our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, its lifetime can last a whole year.

Our beer selection

Just like every successful story, ours started in the garage of today’s Green Gold Brewing. From the very beginning, owner Luka Rojnik strives for beer not only to be a drink but a surplus with amazing superpowers. In our beers, the Slovenian tradition and years of brewing experiences are intertwined by Luka’s accumulation of different acknowl- edges throughout the world.

Selected hops

In the story of Green Gold Brewing, Slovene hop varieties Aurora, Styrian Dragon, Celeia, Bobek, Styrian Wolf and others are playing the main roles. They are so important to us that you will find them in every can, beer tap or barrel that you choose, whether it’s a Pale Ale, IPA, Hoppy Lager or something else.

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